Daycare – Coming Soon

New dog daycare centre opening soon in Osborne Park

I am in the process of leasing a building to run my new dog daycare business. We will be open Monday to Friday. When you want your dog to have some company, fun or socialisation drop him/her off to us. We will look after your dog in a safe environment. Your dog will be fully supervised at all times. Only sociable dogs can attend. All dogs will be assessed on their first day to ensure that daycare is the right place for them. There will be a variety of activities for the dogs such as treat puzzles, agility and obstacle courses, fetch and tug games, water games, sand pits and of course plenty of comfortable beds to recover and relax in. We aim to give every dog individual attention in the form of cuddles, obedience training, brushing, guiding through the obstacle courses etc. Our focus is on loving, gentle care of all dogs that come to us.

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