Drop your dog off to us for a day of fun, socialisation and cuddles. If you work long hours, don’t have time to walk your dog, or if you don’t want to leave your dog home alone while you do your chores then let us look after your dog. You can relax knowing your dog is under constant supervision in a safe and fun environment.

Your dog can come on a regular basis or on a casual basis, depending on what suits your needs.

The dogs are grouped according to their size and temperament to ensure all dogs enjoy their day.

First Visit

All dogs are assessed on their first day to make sure that daycare is the right place for them. We assess their temperament and select other dogs that we feel will interact well with them.

Daycare is not appropriate for all dogs. We do not accept dogs who show aggression towards people or other dogs (as we want to create a safe environment). We do not accept dogs who are excessively noisy (as this makes it stressful for the other dogs and the staff). We do not accept dogs who find the environment stressful (we want your dog to enjoy daycare, not be anxious, and for some dogs being in a group of other dogs is not enjoyable).

We recommend you are available to collect your dog during its first day in case needed.


We rotate the groups of dogs through different activities to keep them mentally and physically stimulated, as well as having time to relax and sleep when they need to. The activities include agility and obstacle courses, treat puzzles, fetch, water games and free play with other dogs. There are cushioned beds and sleeping zones for the dogs to snuggle up on when they need a break.

Our aim is to give each dog attention and we do this with cuddles, brushing, massaging, 1-on-1 training on the obstacles and some basic obedience work.

Rest Time

We encourage all dogs to rest at some point during the day. We are cage free and most dogs will rest on the available beds when they want to. A few dogs will keep being active and don’t know when to stop: we encourage these dogs to rest by sitting with them and giving massages, but do not force them to rest. The reason we like dogs to rest is so that they do not get over tired. it they get over tired they are more likely to get injured.

Drop Off / Pick Up

Drop off time is:

Monday, Wednesday & Friday between 7.30am & 8.45am

Tuesday and Thursday between 7.00am & 8.45am

Pick up time is between 3.30pm and 6.00pm Monday – Friday

Please note, late pick up fee of $5 per 5 minutes applies if after 6.00pm