Full Groom

Includes nail trim, brush, bath, blow dry, full body groom, (ear pluck and anal sacs if requested)

Small Dog (under 10kg) $70

Medium Dog (10-20kg) $80

Large Dog (over 20kg) $90 – $130 depending on breed (eg. border collie $90, golden retriever/groodle/Airedale $100, Old English Sheepdog/Newfoundland $130)

Specific Breed Clips e.g. Bichon or poodle with scissored head and legs $85

Extra cost for matted coats due to the extra time needed – contact me to discuss

Bath, Brush & Blow Dry

Small Dog (under 15kg) or short haired larger dog $35

Medium or Large Dog $40

Extra cost for matted coats – contact me to discuss

Part Grooms

Trim face, bottom & feet, brush rest, bath & blow dry $50

Coat Stripping

Huskies, German Shepherds etc. $120

Bath & Towel Dry

All dogs $25

Puppy Class

$75 per 4 week course (held at Vetwest Whitfords & Vetwest Carine)