Puppy Classes

If you own a puppy between 7 & 12 weeks old then come to one of my puppy classes.

A new puppy is an exciting time in any household and the first weeks are very important to setting your puppy on the right track. Your puppy has to learn what it is allowed to do and what behaviours are unacceptable. If you teach your puppy using positive rewards the learning experience will create a relationship to enjoy for your dog’s whole life.

puppy classesPuppy classes are the ideal environment for you and your puppy

They are for puppies between 7 and 12 weeks of age. Your puppy can attend a week after the first vaccination. Classes are one hour a week over four consecutive weeks.

Puppy classes are held at VetWest Animal Hospital in Whitfords, Currambine and South Perth. The indoor classroom provides a safe environment for the puppies to learn and have fun.

We only allow 8 puppies maximum in each class so everyone gets the attention they need.

Next classes:

Whitfords – Monday 23rd October 7.15pm

South Perth – Saturday 14th October 5.30pm

Currambine – Sunday 15th October 9.30am

Puppy Class CarineEach course costs $75

For this price you receive a detailed information booklet at the start of the course,¬†an Advance puppy food sample pack, and your puppy’s certificate and rawhides on graduation.

Bookings are essential so if you want to come or if you want more information contact the vet clinic on: Whitfords – 94041133, Currambine 94041144, South Perth 94041140

The important outcomes from puppy school are:

  • Socialisation; your dog learns how to interact with other puppies and people
  • You learn how to teach your pup basic obedience skills e.g. sit, lie down, stay and come
  • You learn how to prevent unwanted behaviours in your dog such as toileting in the wrong places, chewing, mouthing and biting, stealing objects, crying at night or when separated
  • Identifying and managing normal play behaviour vs. aggressive or bullying behaviour
  • Education on feeding, vaccinations, flea and worm treatments, sterilisation, microchipping and pet insurance are part of the curriculum